Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Refund
  • Cancellation would be granted by the Chief Instructor or higher authorities on receiving cancellation request  only on info@trekon.in through participant registered mail ID. (please note: cancellation not accepting via call/Whatsapp message)
  • The refund amount will be paid in 7 working days through an online mode of payment.
  • No refund will be given in case the participant terminates the tour at any point due to any reason.

The Refund Amount will be counted on the camp fees only.

-> Before more than 40 days of expedition, 90% refund.

-> Before 25 to 40 days of expedition, 75% refund.

-> Before 15 to 25 days of expedition, 50% refund.

-> Before 1 to 15 days of expedition, 25% refund.

-> In last 24 hours of Departure, 10% refund.

Rules and Regulations
  1. This is an Adventure & Trekking Camp not a leisure tour.
  2. Discipline during the camp duration is must and all are expected to follow instructions given by the Volunteer/Instructor/Guide. 
  3. Misbehave/Arguing with the Volunteers/guide/instructors will be considered as disciplinary issues & Speaking abusive language will be reacted strictly and may lead to cancel a Participation. In such case cancellation all service cut at that place & not given to participant not other service 
  4. Smoking,Tobacco, Pan Masala, Alcohol & Drugs are strictly prohibited and if any found suspect in such case, immediate cancellation of member Participation and no further service/return ticket/refund will be pay.
  5.  Only Pure Veg Food is allowed inside the campsite area.
  6. During Camp stay and others Girls and Boys Accommodation are Separate.
  7. Shorts are not allowed during the activity hours and Trekking with a view to Safety form weather & camp discipline.
  8. No refund will be given in case the participant terminates the tour at any point due to any reason.
  9. No participant will be allowed to leave the Camp/hotel/guest house for any reason without permission of the camp manager/Instructor.
  10. Kitchen Area & Equipment Store are out of bound for all ranks.