Khajjiar, locally Khajjar is a small round shaped lake situated amongst the dense forest. Due to its grassy slopes and green grounds around the lake, it attracts lacks of visitors throughout the year. Being below the snow line, it is never under the snow cover and is the place where more than 1000 movies are shot!
Due to the similar terrain to Switzerland, it is certified as “Switzerland of India”. Many hotels and other establishments serves almost all type of foods and offers overnight stay too. One long jungle trail from Kalatop leads to Khajjiar, which offers wonderful natural scenery along with small beautiful streams. This way remains closed in the winter.
Many a times, Government of Himachal Pradesh organizes cultural dance performances for tourists to introduce the tribal Himalayan culture. Comparatively, Khajjiar is more crowded and hence less preferred by the nature lovers but more by photographers and selfie maniacs!