TrekOn has thought for such activities, which will fill valuable qualities in the youth. Trek On is welcome to all the young people & student of various colleges/Organization who are giving a boost to the activities. 

We have expert adventure sports trainers and experienced travelling aides on board for guidance and assistance during the journey. They are the ones who offer wisdom on what is daring and what is stupid, provide local insight on the places, and share their gutsy experiences. They can make your Adventure a memorable one easily.

For spreading awareness in the field of adventure, Trek ON has planned some very charming events as per regular basis.

Our Vision

The thought process of the TREKON is to investigate a field of experience in India and give a preparation the adolescent for a superior circumstance and direct youthful deduction for created world. The young get to be distinctly capable and comprehend their own particular requirement for the general public and nation is a heart estimation of the audacious mission.

Our Mission

The motive of the TrekOn is to explore a field of adventure in India & give a training the youth for a better situation & direct to young thinking dedication for developed world. The youth become responsible and understand their own need for the society and nation is a heart value of the adventurous mission.

Our Objectives

The idea of establishing “TREK ON” came up during the various activities like Camping, Trekking camp & Expedition, Adventure Camp, Paragliding, Skiing and Many More Extreme adventure in one Platform. It was a very clear view behind the organization that it will be for young people and specially students development activities will be given priority.